Be a Don, have your piece of paradise.

Be a Don

Get your piece of paradise.

Custom built luxury fincas in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia. Invite yourself in the tropical alps of perfect weather and fertile lands. Be part of an exclusive community of foreigners which live their dreams by working remotely and reaping the benefits of a virgin landscape.

SE Finca is a real estate developer that focuses on custom built country homes in the near Medellin. Pick your home style, from modern to Colombian country style.  Our homes are built with all of the basic needs and luxuries for Europeans; high speed internet, electricity, phone,  hot water, security, and so on.

Don’t let life slip by, take action now and book a free consultation for your paradise home. Spend the next European winter sitting by the pool, with that perfect view.

”Colombia: The only risk is that you’ll want to stay.”  – Medium

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Barbosa, Antioquia, Colombia